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Capture demand in your markets.

Marketing availability, managing discounts, and understanding attribution shouldn’t be so hard. Cubby’s simple and secure customer experiences make it easy to convert leads and delight your tenants.

It’s all built on flexible APIs that give you full control over the experience. Harness the full power of Cubby in your own apps and websites or enlist your vendors to create something unique.

Care for customers and collect instantly.

The self-storage industry deserves better property management software. Cubby makes portfolio-wide leasing and customer service easy from any location.

Save your team hours with real-time mobile walkthroughs. Give them a simple, secure aid for credits, pro-rations, and concessions with a lightning fast checkout experience.

Clarify your business with tailored insights.

Today’s self-storage professionals generate a lot of data but business-changing insights are buried, often just plain wrong, and can be impossible to understand.

Cubby’s rock-solid subledger, reporting, and alerts mean you can understand your business from the highest level to the smallest detail in seconds. Reconcile revenue and close your books in half the time. Create dashboards that hit your inbox on your schedule. Get your team the insights they need to do their jobs at the highest level without the clutter.

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